BRAND SWITCH! Aldi Quixo Gravy Granules 79c!


I have used a leading brands gravy granules for years and wouldn’t have dreamed to try a shops own brand but I bought the Quixo from Aldi the other week, thought I’d chance it and at 79c it’s more than half the price of other brands so wouldn’t be losing too much and would just stick it in a highly flavoured casserole if I didn’t like it as a Roast dinner gravy, have to say I’m well impressed by it, it’s granules are quite big so I thought ah here we go there’s gonna be loads of lumps etc but none whatsoever they seem to dissolve instantly and quicker than than other brands, I also get more servings out of this compared to others too so even better value,  i’m sticking with this one from now and even the kids have said “this is the gravy I like mum” so  would recommend 🙂



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