Cheaper XBox Live Gold Memebrship!


12 months Xbox live gold membership €39.99  (As of 14/5/18 with CDKeys (this price can vary from week to week, sometimes goes up/down, feel free to message me if I miss a price increase/decrease on it and I,ll edit thanks 😉View offer at CDKeys
I get this every year, You get the code sent by email and you enter the code that you get into your Xbox when you want to start using it, there is no expiry on these so are ideal to buy for Christmas/birthday presents, the code looks something like this usually at the bottom off your email, EG: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx , this will work on Xbox 360 or XBox One and will transfer to XBox One from 360 if buying a new console hth, if it’s a present and you want to add it in a card you could always add a poem like this then follow with the code…


I wondered what to buy you
So hummed and haaaahd a while
Then finally thought of something
I thought would make you smile

Not wrapped up in a box
Like toys, youre getting old
So have a merry christmas
With a year of xbox gold

‘Code number’ and love from etcetc 😀


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