Check stores fridges for clearance items!


A lot of stores reduce products the day before it’s due to go out of date, some by 30% for the day before and Upto 50% off on the day and some reduce again late afternoon to get rid as they HAVE to throw it away so there are ALWAYS bargains to be had by checking the stores clearance areas, they are perfectly safe to eat and many of these can be frozen so get them and stick them in your freezer, half of the fresh meats etc we buy go in the freezer anyway so save yourself a few cent and check those fridges! I Remember seeing lamb joints in the reduced section, they had already been half price instore but had to be reduced as they had a date of ‘tomorrow’ on  so they were something like €6€/7 for half leg and €13/€14 for a full leg, I bought loads we were bleating for weeks here 😃 Tesco and Dunnes usually have a dedicated area to where their clearance items go, fresh meat and fish clearance, deli clearance like cakes, cold meats etc, Aldi, Lidl and M&S reduce things on the product shelf too so look for reduced sticker there (M&S reduce things on the day if there’s more than 3 of the item from mid-late morning usually)

STAY AWAY FROM MEAT THAT HAS STARTED TO BROWN, it’s a sign that air has got in and is starting to go off and don’t buy anything that should be vacuum packed but you can squeeze air in/out that means there’s a small hole or gap somewhere and air has got in too, you don’t know how long that’s been like that so isn’t worth buying!

CHECK THOSE FRIDGES and CHECK YOUR RECEIPT to make sure you did pay the reduced price  🙂


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