Check your receipts!


It may sound obvious but we don’t always check our receipts until we get home and IF we notice a small discrepancy many tend to leave it as it isn’t worth the hassle for a few cent or a euro or 2 BUT it’s YOUR MONEY, regardless of the amount YOU HAVE EARNED it so why give it away, after paying just take a minute or 2 to quickly go through your receipt, if you have a bargain or deal  that you picked up in your shop MAKE SURE you’ve paid the price you saw it displayed at, if it’s a deal check the receipt to see the multi buy discount has come off, just a few minutes extra in your shopping day could save you YOUR money or even make you some money as Tesco offer DOUBLE THE DIFFERENCE on overcharging, so if you have been overcharged and you go to customer services then they will refund you your overcharge difference BUT if you say it’s double the difference then they will give you DOUBLE of what you have been overcharged, for example on shelf display ticket says was €2 now €1 and you were charged €2 then you have been overcharged by €1 so at customer services you will get your €1 back BUT stating their policy you get double the difference so you would get €2 back so basically you will get your €1 bargain find…free!

Most customer services have their policy displayed at their desk so make sure to point that out should you have any issues, if there’s any issues with it then get on to their FB page and message them they are very helpful there and they will sort you out if instore customer services can’t 🙂

As per their policy

“If things don’t add up.
In the unlikely event that we charge you more than what is advertised on the shelf edge or on the product, please visit our Customer Service Desk with your receipt for a double the difference refund.”

Every little does help 🙂

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