When you’re out shopping especially in smaller independent stores you HAVE TO HAGGLE, if there’s say a jumper you like but you want both colours then call the manager over and say ” look I wasnt even looking at buying a jumper today and I’ve seen these, arrghh, they are fab but I can’t decide on what colour, what would you give me the 2 for ? Or how much can you knock off these? Most retailers can give Upto 10% off instore at the till due to dirt, marks etc so they are always open to a sale with a small discount, i remember seeing a jacket in a small store reduced from €60 to €30 and they had it in red and black and I couldn’t decide, I called the sales assistant over and asked her what’s the lowest she could go and she said that’s it as they are in the sale (they are in the sale for a reason….THEY WANT TO GET RID..) I asked could I speak with the manager so said I only have €50 and want both and I really shouldn’t even be buying ONE tbh (plant the seed that you could easily walk away with NONE = Sale lost)  I,ll take both for €50 and we,ll call it right? Ah go on she said so I got 2 coats down from €60 each for €25 each JUST by asking and being a bit cheeky, ALWAYS ASK, even larger stores ask the shelf stacker to call the line manager over and tell them look this is out of date tomorrow and it isn’t reduced but I need 3 etc what can you knock off? or look at this jacket it has a button missing ..whatever ..what can you knock off? I was in Dunnes once and saw a stool reduced to €50 I asked the manager what he could knock off and he said the lowest he could knock off was 10% cos it had a slight mark (they have to justify any reduction)  so ALWAYS ASK you,ve nothing to lose, they can only say no! If you don’t ask you don’t get  🙂

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