Register with Addresspal from Anpost to get cheaper delivery to Ireland for UK online shopping!


If you,ve ever seen an item online that you want but they either don’t deliver to Ireland or shipping is expensive to post to Ireland then register with AnPost Addresspal…

Heres how it works.

  • Register with AddressPal from Anpost – You give your name, address, mobile and email and name your preferred post office  in which you wish to collect items from
  • Once registered they give you a unique number and an English UK address
  • If there’s an item you want from say Amazon but delivery is expensive or the seller doesn’t ship here then add the Number and Address Anpost gave you, as your Delivery Address on the site your ordering from – A lot of items can be free UK delivery so delivery to your Anpost UK address is often free or a small delivery charge applies
  • Once you’ve added your unique  number and UK address as your delivery address checkout as normal
  • The item will get sent to that address and Anpost will collect it
  • Once Anpost have it here in Ireland then they will email and text to say your parcel is in your nominated post office
  • Go to your chosen post office with ID, pay the post office €3.50 and collect your parcel, that’s it…

There are size and weight restrictions eg: weight limit is 20kg, anything over 20kg will incur additional cost so read their restrictions and T&C before ordering, I have used addresspal lots of times and think it’s a fab service, Its allowed me to be able to buy lower cost items online for cheaper delivery here and it’s saved me a lot over time, highly recommend, if there are ever any questions regarding info or products posted here then feel free to contact me via the contact form on Beadyeye homepage and I,ll do my best to help, for more info on Addresspal or to register and view their T&C see their site – more info

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